Chevy Silverado High Country Takes No Breaks from Serving Veterans

After about a month of intense touring to four marathons around the country, the impressive athletes of the Achilles Freedom Team of Wounded Veterans were able to take a break for the holidays. Their Chevy Silverado High Country, however, is still hard at work as it continues to transport handcycles to the Walter Reed Military Medical Center, giving other wounded warriors an opportunity to benefit from the cycles.

2015 Chevy Silverado High Country

The truck was a donation to the team; since last year, it has logged more than 20,000 miles. During every one of those miles, the Silverado drove and hauled “like a dream,” according to Joe Traum, director of the Achilles International handcycle and kayak programs.

During October, the truck had quite the workout as it traveled from organization headquarters in New York to Chicago, then Detroit, back to New York, next to DC, and finally back to New York for the city’s annual marathon.

The Achilles Freedom Team will resume its marathon competitions in January with a trip down the east coast to Orlando, Florida for the Walt Disney World Half-Marathon.

With all the traveling they do, we at Hanner Chevrolet are glad the team has our top-tier Silverado High Country for all their transportation and hauling needs.

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