Happy Father’s Day from Hanner Chevrolet

How many dads out there are looking forward to Father’s Day? It’s a great chance for your kids to show you just how much you really mean to them. Whether this is done through a touching card, quality time spent together or a thoughtful present doesn’t matter… it is the thought that counts.

While that sentiment is infallible and dad will tell you he loves whatever it is you do or give, it doesn’t hurt your chances of being labeled world’s greatest son if you fulfill a promise you made as an eight-year-old to give him a 57 Chevy for his 57th birthday.

(Warning the video below may make you tear up. Not as much as the dad did, but consider yourself warned – it’s emotional)

This type of post is one we here at the Hanner Chevy Blog love to write. It is not often a story involving a Chevy can tug at the heartstrings and be incredibly timely. By the way if you still need a present for dear old dad, check out our service specials and offer to get work done on his car!

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