New 2016 Chevrolet Impala Features Smartphone Cooling System

Cars and technology of all kinds are constantly becoming more and more intertwined, and Chevrolet has fully embraced that paradigm shift. In fact, the folks at Chevrolet keep designing better and newer things to further integrate their vehicles with today’s technologies. Most recently, the brand came up with a smartphone cooling system to keep your smartphone from overheating while you’re out driving in the car.

“Over time, regular overheating can do permanent damage to the lithium ion batteries that power our smartphones,” said Jeffrey Van Camp, deputy editor of Digital Trends. “I always recommend keeping your phone in a cool, ventilated place, where it can stay at a comfortable room temperature, whether it’s charging or discharging.”

Certain 2016 Chevrolet vehicles, especially the new Impala, come with the ability to charge your smartphone wirelessly. Now, on vehicles equipped with that capability, you can also cool down your smartphone with Active Phone Cooling. The feature uses a cold air vent to keep the smartphone cool, allowing the phone to save battery life and keep its charge as well.

With this type of technology, we can only imagine what type of technology the automotive industry will think of next! Other General Motor vehicles available here at Hanner Chevy, will soon include this industry-first feature.

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