New Chevy Features on Display at Texas Motor Speedway

In early May, Chevrolet hosted a media event at the Texas Motor Speedway called the Find New Road Experience. At this event, some new Chevy features were on display for the media to experience.Chevy Lineup

  • Hybrid Energy Gauge. Hybrid vehicles are usually powered by a combination of both a gasoline engine and electric motors. With the new energy gauge in the Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid, drivers get a visual representation of when each energy source is being used. This feature can help drivers adjust their driving to better save fuel.
  • Rear Sear Reminder. Every year, we hear horror stories of parents forgetting their children in the backseat. These stories usually end in tragedy. With the new Rear Seat Reminder that comes standard on many new Chevy vehicles, Chevrolet hopes to make these horrific events a thing of the past. The system is activated when one of the rear doors is opened shortly before a trip. Then, when you turn off the engine, there is a chime and a dashboard message that reminds you to check the back seat.
  • Trailering Cameras. The Silverado lineup has a new available camera system that uses multiple cameras to help get a better view of your trailer. This will make backing up with a trailer much safer and easier.

If you want to see any of these innovative features in action, come visit us at Hanner Chevrolet today.


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