Top Five Apps Of 2015

Top 5 apps of 2015Sunsets, good friends, a fulfilling career—these are important, but we know what really makes life worth living: smartphone apps. In case you missed out on some, here’s our list for the top five apps of 2015.

  1. Periscope-The best thing about the internet is sharing. We get to see inside others’ life in interesting ways. That’s what Periscope is all about. It makes it easy and fun to live stream your life.
  1. VHS Recorder-There are practical and useful apps. This is not one of them. This one is all about fun. It’s a simple app that makes your videos look like VHS recordings. How cool!
  1. Darkroom- Aptly named, Darkroom is just that—a digital darkroom. Most stock photo apps have a few filter options. Darkroom lets you “create filters after every tone or color tweak ,” according Gizmodo.
  1. Giphy CAM-Why are GIFs so much fun? This app makes it easy to make them and overlay objects like sunglasses or cocktail glasses.
  1. HBO Now-Let’s face it. HBO makes the best TV shows around. It’s just nice to be able to watch them on an easy-to-use smartphone app.

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