2014 Chevy Corvette: Best of Made in America Vehicles

"Most" Made in America: 2014 Chevy Corvette

Here at Hanner Chevrolet, our American pride runs deep, and we are very proud to provide our customers with a lineup of vehicles manufactured by a carmaker that shares the same proud sentiment. In fact, the iconic Chevy Corvette was just named to a list of vehicles praised for being the most Made in America by Frank DuBois.

Not only did the Corvette make this applause-worthy list of vehicles, but the muscle car came in at number one! DuBois, a professor at the Kogod School of Business at American University acknowledge the Corvette on his annual list for the fact that it is made up the most made in America content of any other vehicle around. DuBois considered 318 different cars and then ranked them all using data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is a trustworthy, go-to resource when it comes to vehicles and how they’re made because the organization’s mission is to improve the safety of all cars on the road.

We are extremely delighted (but not altogether surprised) to learn the results of DuBois’s findings which caused him to name the 2014 Corvette at the top of his list of Made in America automobiles. DuBois considered a number of factors in arriving at his decision, according to MotorAuthority, including: “location of a manufacturer’s headquarters, design, research, and manufacturing facilities, and where the profits go once the cars are sold.”

Now, Chevy Corvette drivers have just one more thing of which to be extremely proud, and we have yet another reason to love Chevrolet!

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