Keep Your Kids Entertained with These Fun Road Trip Games

 Fun Road Trip Games

Fun Road Trip Games

Summer is upon us: the season of weekend getaways and extended road trips. If you are going to be travelling with a carload of children, check out these simple, fun road trip games for a peaceful ride from Point A to Point B.

I’m Going on a Picnic

This one is a fun and easy alphabet game. It starts with one player saying “I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing…” then naming something that starts with the letter A (like “apricots”). The next player jumps in by repeating what the first player is bringing, then adding their own item which starts with B. Then, it’s on to C, D, E, etc. See how far down the alphabet your family can go without forgetting an item!

I Spy

Perhaps the most classis road trip game of all road trip games: the unforgettable “I Spy.” One person states, “I spy with my little eye,” followed by a clue, such as, “something hairy.” The rest of the players then must guess what item the first player has spied. This game seems simple, but it can keep young ones entertained for hours.

Human Jukebox

This is a great one for music-lovers. One person sings a line of a well-known song then stops. The next player tries to pick up where the last singer stopped. See how many songs you all know by heart–it’s harder than you’d think!

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