Abilene Charity Provides Families with School Clothes

Making Families Happy in Abilene, TX

Making Families Happy in Abilene, TX

The community of Abilene, Texas, is coming together to help underprivileged families afford clothes for the upcoming school year. The Christian Services Center in Abilene has started Operation Blue Jeans Thursday to help elementary and middle school students with their school supplies as well as new clothes.

It’s been a tumultuous year for the Operation Blue Jeans Project, whose headquarters burned down in April and left only one of their storage buildings intact. With the support of the community, though, the organization has replenished its resources and has been passing out clothes and supplies for the new school year since early July.

Elementary students will receive a new pair of jeans and five pairs of both new socks and underwear, while middle schoolers will get two pairs of school dress pants and polo shirts. This program is a staple in the Abeline community and is something Abilene citizens rely on; the Christian Services Center started it in 1967 and has held it every year for the last 49 years.

A woman named Peg Smith single-handedly started the Abeline charity after seeing so many children who needed new clothes. She went to the students of what is now Abeline Christian University and asked for help and donations to raise money for local children who couldn’t afford new school clothes.

This is just one of the things that make Abilene, TX so great! All of us at Hanner Chevrolet love this place!

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