Abilene Zoo Events: Have Local, Family-Friendly Fun

Abilene Zoo events

Motherly Love At The Abilene Zoo

One of our favorite places to visit in Abilene is the Abilene Zoo. With tons of exhibits and animals, this zoo is the perfect place to take family and friends this summer. Recent Abilene Zoo events celebrate the diversity of its wildlife, as well as welcome newcomer to the Abilene family.

Recently, according to the zoo website, the Abilene Zoo opened a new $3.8 million multispecies Giraffe Safari Exhibit. This exhibit was opened on April 23, and it came after voters were able to choose the name for a new baby giraffe. Now named “Kito,” this baby giraffe draws its name from a Swahili word for precious gems.

“Feeding giraffe is among our visitors’ most memorable experiences,” said Executive Director Bill Gersonde. “We think people will embrace the new setting. It’s healthier for the animals and more fun for the guests.”

In addition to the giraffes, the zoo also features tons of fun things for the whole family. This includes annual Snake Celebration Day at the Reptile House, a Night Hike, Mother’s Day celebration, and more. There’s nothing quite like a day at the zoo. If you go to the Abilene Zoo, let all of us at Hanner Chevrolet know on our Facebook page and you could win tickets for you and your family.

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