April 6 Marks Drowsy Driver Awareness Day

Drowsy Driver Awareness Day Reminds Us to Get Enough Sleep Before Driving

Your SUV is packed to the brim with your family, your luggage, and all the road trip essentials. Cruise control is set, the kids are asleep in the backseat, and all that lies in front of and behind you is an endless stretch of highway. This makes us drowsy just writing about it, by the way…. So we know that most of our readers will equate this feeling with one of tired monotony.

Thus, Drowsy Driver Awareness Day was born. We all know the dangers of distracted driving and drunk driving – we hear about these all the time. But not a lot of people warn against driving while tired on a regular basis, and getting behind the wheel on not enough sleep can be just as dangerous as other forms of unideal driving conditions.

The National Sleep Foundation conducted a poll, and the results were pretty surprising. About 60% of adult drivers (that’s around 168 million people) reported driving while drowsy. This might not sound alarming, but what is alarming is the fact that 37% of them confessed to actually falling asleep behind the wheel. Yikes!

The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety urges drivers to really do their best to get their recommended eight hours of sleep before driving – especially on those long trips. Even a couple extra hours of sleep a night can make a huge difference when it comes being safe on the roads.

Drowsy Driver Awareness Day is April 6. Be aware yourself by catching up on your sleep this weekend and always practicing caution behind the wheel.

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