Automatic Parking Assist Just Another Convenient Feature from Chevy

Baird, Texas might not be the most populous city in the world, but everyone here who has ever driven a car to anywhere like the mall or grocery store even knows how frustrating finding a parking spot can be. Especially with the way that some people park… horribly. Another handful of drivers are in that group who infuriate everyone, but it’s not necessarily their fault, parking isn’t an easy task for everyone. However all this can now be avoided simply by driving a Chevy SS.

“Even some of the most experienced drivers in the world loathe parallel parking,” Scott Hollopeter, vehicle dynamics engineer for the SS said in a Chevy press release. “Automatic Parking Assist is designed to help alleviate that anxiety in situations where more experience is required to park a vehicle.”

The 2014 Chevrolet SS and soon to be released 2015 Chevy SS both offer Automatic Parking Assist.

As the video explains, the technology works by making use of a variety of sensors on the front and rear bumpers of the car. These detect the depth of the spot, in distance to the curb/parking block/other car, both when trying to parallel park and reverse right angle park. Simply hit the button and drive until a spot is found, unfortunately it can’t yet find spots for you, but maybe someday, and let go of the wheel. You still control the brake/throttle, but you won’t need to be making hard cuts of the wheel or cursing at the guy behind you who is being impatient.

At Hanner Chevrolet, we’re just hoping Chevrolet expands Automatic Parking Assist to more models. We love the 2014 Chevy SS, but we figure if more models had this feature then hopefully we’d never have issues with how people park again.

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