Diesel Trucks

What Are the Differences in Fuel Types? | West Baird, TX

You’re probably paying a bit closer attention to the gas pump these days, and so you might find yourself asking: What are the differences between fuel types? If you want to make sense of what makes an 87-octane different from a 93-octane and what the heck diesel even is, here’s what you need to know. […]

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Chevy and GMC Dominate Best Diesel Pickup Trucks of 2021 List

If you’re looking for a diesel truck in Baird, Texas, Chevrolet and GMC are your go-to options. Just ask the experts at U.S. News & World Report. Chevy and GMC dominated the publication’s list of “The 11 Best Diesel Pickup Trucks of 2021,” grabbing six spots combined. Duramax® Diesel Engine More than half of the […]

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Top Reasons to Buy a Diesel Truck

Diesel-powered trucks are becoming increasingly popular and for good reason. Though they tend to cost more upfront than gasoline-powered trucks, they make up for it with a number of nice benefits. These are the top reasons to buy a diesel truck. Better fuel economy Diesel engines have historically been more fuel-efficient than gasoline engines, and […]

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