Green Driving

2016 Malibu Hybrid Review

The all-new Malibu Hybrid is officially here and it’s really creating some buzz amongst the automotive world. It’s all new design and unparalleled MPG estimates have captured all the right kind of attention. For a full 2016 Malibu Hybrid review check out our list below. MPG: 48 city, 45 highway – 47 combined 8-liter 4 […]

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Green Driving Tips for a Happy Earth Day

Green Driving Tips to Save Money and the Environment

Earth Day is just a couple of days away, and here at Hanner Chevrolet, we’re reminded to be more mindful of our environment. People always encourage one another to “go green” by becoming more aware of energy conservation, recycling, and taking better care of our planet. As a car dealership, Earth Day serves as a […]

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The Chevrolet Volt: Making Quality Performance More Affordable

Chevrolet Volt

What do you know about the Chevrolet Volt extended-range electric vehicle? The EREV almost flies under the radar at times; but among its current owners, the sedan has met and exceeded expectations. Now the trick is to deliver that performance and efficiency to new customers in a more affordable way. This task, according to General […]

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