Safe Driving

Signs to Change Your Tires

Of all the parts of your car you need to keep an eye on, your tires are perhaps the most important. This is especially true during the harsh winter months. Therefore, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for these signs that it is time to change your tires. Tread Depth. That old adage about […]

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Fall Driving Safety Tips

Sometimes you need some fall driving safety tips even though you might think you don’t need them. Fall is a beautiful season to go for a drive, but it can also be dangerous if you don’t know what to look out for on the road. This is a surprising time of year, from the weather […]

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How to Travel with a Pet Safely

As the holiday season approaches, people all across the country will be packing up the family and driving to visit relatives. For many us, that family includes a pet. To be sure you know how to travel with a pet safely, Chevrolet has shared some great tips. If you will be travelling with a dog: […]

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Parked Cars Extremely Dangerous for Pets

You officially know it is summer in Texas when you can’t get in your car for a few minutes until the AC kicks in. It is especially true if you have leather seats in your Chevy or GMC, otherwise you’ll be sticking to the seats and sweating in an attempt to cool down. Let’s face […]

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April 6 Marks Drowsy Driver Awareness Day

Drowsy Driver Awareness Day Reminds Us to Get Enough Sleep Before Driving

Your SUV is packed to the brim with your family, your luggage, and all the road trip essentials. Cruise control is set, the kids are asleep in the backseat, and all that lies in front of and behind you is an endless stretch of highway. This makes us drowsy just writing about it, by the […]

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