Chevrolet Expects More First-Time Car Buyers in 2015

With the job market making a comeback, General Motors expects to see more first-time car buyers flocking to car dealerships around the United States. General Motors Chief Executive Officer Mary Barra is optimistic about 2015: “A growing jobs market and new vehicles that exceed expectations for fuel economy and high technology are the best ways to rekindle the love affair America’s youth have historically had with cars and trucks,” she said in a statement.

First-Time Car Buyers

First-Time Car Buyers Will Likely Be Enticed by Popular Models like the 2015 Chevy Colorado

Barra cites a study by the National Association of Colleges and Employers which found that employers plan to hire 8.3 percent more 2015 college graduation than they did in the previous year. In all, job growth is expected to increase by 200,000 jobs per month.

Chevrolet is in an advantageous position, having released seven small cars and crossovers as well as the Colorado pickup truck in the last four years. Three of these, the Spark, Sonic, and Cruze, saw their best sales to date in 2014.

“The strength of the labor market, better job security and the recovery in home prices have consumers feeling pretty good about the future, so we expect people will continue to replace their older cars and trucks. The recent sharp drop in fuel prices and rising incomes should only add to their confidence,” Barra said.

The atmosphere is indeed ideal for first-time buyers. If you’re looking to buy your first new car this year, the team at Hanner Chevrolet will be glad to answer any questions you may have about the process.

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