Chevrolet Named to List of 2014 Best Global Green Brands

When Chevrolet tells its customers it is working to bring them eco-friendly products and engage in environmentally sustainable practices, it isn’t just blowing smoke. The automaker was named to Interbrand’s 2014 Best Global Green Brands list as a result of its data-proven environmental efficiency as well as customers’ perceptions of that performance.

In order to make the Best Global Green Brands list, companies have to not only convince consumers of their environmentally conscious operations and initiatives, those perceptions have to be backed up by real data.

“What was most compelling about Chevrolet’s data was the very small gap between public perception and environmental performance,” said Jez Frampton, Interbrand global CEO. “The company is not only actively demonstrating its environmental commitment; it’s communicating those efforts in an authentic way that resonates with customers.”

2014 Best Global Green Brands

The 2014 Chevy Cruze is just one of the great Eco-friendly offerings by Chevy

In addition to providing customers with efficient vehicles, specifically the Chevy Spark, Volt, and Cruze, Chevrolet continues to seek ways to advance its manufacturing facilities, allowing for increased production with fewer harmful effects on the environment. Chevy also participates in projects to improve local communities.

With 2014 marking its first year as a top global green brand, we at Hanner Chevrolet are sure the automaker is only looking to climb the list from its current spot at number 32.

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