Chevrolet Shows Off Colorado Performance Concept at the SEMA Show

Chevrolet is debuting a new Colorado Performance concept at the SEMA show this week to illustrate the flexibility and lifestyle-supporting capability of the new midsize pickup truck.

The concept was built in partnership with motocross legend Ricky Carmichael, who can now use the Colorado Performance concept as a great all-around, go-anywhere transporter to carry his motorcycle, mountain bike, and all other necessary gear.

Colorado Performance concept at the SEMA show

“Where I take my bikes, a full-size truck isn’t always the best solution, so a maneuverable midsize truck like the Colorado is just the ticket,” said Carmichael. “Besides a cargo bed that’s not only large enough to haul a motocross bike and a mountain bike, the Colorado has the power to confidently take them where the pavement ends.”

Convenience is also the name of the game when it comes to installing the extra parts. Customers can have the accessories installed when they purchase a new truck at Hanner Chevrolet or other dealerships so that they are ready when delivered. To make the deal even sweeter, factory-made performance parts have their own warranty and their extra cost can even be added to the Colorado’s monthly payment.

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