The Chevrolet Volt: Making Quality Performance More Affordable

Chevrolet Volt

What do you know about the Chevrolet Volt extended-range electric vehicle? The EREV almost flies under the radar at times; but among its current owners, the sedan has met and exceeded expectations. Now the trick is to deliver that performance and efficiency to new customers in a more affordable way. This task, according to General Motors’ executive chief engineer, Pam Fletcher, is currently a top priority for the automaker.

The Volt is currently priced at $35,000. With a fully charged battery and a full tank of gas, the EREV provides drivers with an estimated 380-mile range. Technology like this is important in progressing the way we travel, so it is equally important that the technology becomes a more viable option for consumers.

In an interview with Fletcher, AutoblogGreen asked her about GM’s thoughts on cutting costs versus improving the vehicle’s electric range.

Fletcher responded, “I think that getting to where most people’s daily needs are met electrically is a priority, but so is getting the cost down. If we put more battery in the car, it will cost more. If we put less in, it will cost less. As much as people love the car, their number one complaint is that it costs too much, so that is a huge priority.”

She also promised we would see many more electrified vehicles between now and 2017.

We at Hanner Chevrolet are interested to know your thoughts: would you rather GM work first to cut costs or to improve the all-electric range of the Chevrolet Volt?

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