Chevrolet’s Bolt Beats Tesla Model 3

Chevrolet's Bolt Beats Tesla

Chevrolet’s Bolt Beats Tesla

Up until now, electric cars haven’t really felt accessible in the real world. Consumers have either had the option of paying big bucks or driving electric cars that got no more than 100 miles per charge. This gave those looking for an affordable electric car something called “range anxiety,” a fear that charge would run out of power before the destination was reached.

There’s good news for those who have been waiting for a happy medium. Chevrolet is close to releasing its 2017 Bolt which will be both reasonably priced and feature a significantly longer mile range. So long, in fact, that Chevrolet’s Bolt beats Tesla, its primary competitor, by 23 miles. While Tesla’s upcoming Model 3 will have a 215-mile range, Chevrolet announced that the Bolt’s estimated mile range is a whopping 238 per each charge. This figure comes from the Environmental Protection Agency’s Testing Cycle, where the Bolt was driven under different conditions and circumstances to get the average efficiency.

Both electric cars will have similar pricing. And while the Tesla Model 3 has a strong following, with roughly 400,000 pre-ordered already, the Chevy Bolt will arrive on the market first, making it quite possible that the Bolt will steal Tesla’s thunder in the search for affordable and practical electric cars. 

We can’t wait for the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt to come to Hanner Chevrolet and Abilene, TX.

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