Chevy Bolt Name Denied Trademark

There has been quite a bit of buzz over the Chevy Bolt name as the nameplate assigned to the upcoming Chevy EV. When it was first introduced as a concept vehicle, onlookers thought surely, that name would get the boot when the production model rolled around – after all, it’s similarity to the Volt name (Chevy’s plug-in hybrid) would confuse people. Then Chevy came out and said, “The decision is made, the name won’t be changed.” Now, Chevy can’t actually trademark the name, which means we just might be back to square one.

Chevy Bolt Name

As it turns out, Yamaha claimed the name “Bolt” in August of 2012, forcing the US Patent and Trademark Office to deny Chevy’s request for the trademark, which puts Chevy in quite a bind.

According to the USPTO, two companies that provide similar or related goods and services cannot hold the same trademarks. Instead, the first application will be awarded the trademark.

Either Chevy will have to convince Yamaha to give up the trademark, or Chevy will have to rename the vehicle – a costly endeavor, since they have already poured advertising and branding dollars into the Bolt name.

Here at Hanner Chevy GMC, we want to know what you think! Ditch the Bolt name altogether, or fight for it? Tell us in the comments!

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