Chevy Colorado U.S. Army

When you’re designing vehicles for the U.S. Army, you have to keep in mind a special set of priorities. For instance, where your average car might aim to make a cabin that’s quiet for passenger comfort, an Army vehicle needs to be completely quiet so as to be undetected by enemies. The U.S. Army’s Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC) recently nailed this down with the help of Chevrolet, so that now nearly silent travel is possible.

That’s all thanks to the Chevrolet Colorado ZH2 hydrogen fuel-cell electric truck. In this truck, gone are the days of noisy, gas-fueled army vehicles. This electric-motor-propelled ride allows for discreet travel when it’s needed.

The 170-horsepower electric motor is not the only thing that makes the Chevy Colorado ZH2 the perfect new contender for U.S. Army travel. Off-road tires, a lifted suspension, and strong skid plates make this particular Chevrolet vehicle a highly capable off-roader.

The Chevy Colorado ZH2 will serve as the TARDEC’s feasibility test for hydrogen-fueled military vehicles. If it goes well, perhaps Chevy will have a permanent role as a military vehicle. Either way, at Hanner Chevrolet we’re honored to know that we work with a brand who may be making it possible to keep our military safer in combat.

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