Chevy Silverado Hits 500,000 Miles

When we tell you that the Chevy Silverado is durable, we are not exaggerating. A recent YouTube video posted earlier this May recorded one Silverado’s huge landmark mileage when it showed this truck’s odometer roll over to 500,000 miles.

If you think that half a million miles sounds like a lot, you’re correct! It’s the equivalent of 20 circles around the equator, 45 laps on the Great Wall of China, a trip to the moon and back, or just a LOT of really great road trips. This record of a Silverado’s capability to drive reliably for this long just goes to show how well-engineered and well-built these trucks are.

Of course, a long-lived truck requires a prudent and responsible driver. Regular maintenance is extremely important to a truck’s lifespan, and this 500,000 mile Chevy Silverado surely had great owners who gave it regular oil changes and checkups.

So, if you’d like to see your Chevy vehicle reach that half-million mile marker, start by bringing it into Hanner Chevrolet for a service checkup. We’ll help you keep your Chevy running like new for as long as possible, so maybe one day you can say you reached 500,000 miles too.

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