Deep-Fried Turkey Safety Tips for the Most Delicious Thanksgiving Ever

There’s nothing quite like a deep-fried turkey to take your Thanksgiving menu to the next level. Regardless of how delicious the results are, though, it’s important to keep in mind that deep-frying a turkey is serious business with serious risks. Follow these deep-fried turkey safety tips from Hanner Chevrolvet and have a happy, safe Thanksgiving.


Completely that turkey before frying

 Frozen or partially thawed turkeys will cause the oil to splatter. This hot oil can cause serious burns if it splashes onto your skin, so make sure your turkey is completely thawed before you begin cooking.


Fry at the correct temperature

Cooking oil is combustible. This means that if your oil is heated above the directed cooking temperature, its vapors can ignite, causing serious burns and completely ruining your dinner plans.


Use propane fryers outdoors and keep them dry

 Propane fryers are powerful machines that could cause a lot of damage if used indoors. Even outside, though, remember to keep your fryer completely out of the rain or snow, as either will cause the hot oil to splatter.

When done correctly, deep-frying a turkey is an awesome addition to any Thanksgiving meal. Remember these safety tips, though, as nothing ruins Thanksgiving like a trip to the hospital!

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