Driving Safety Tips for Halloween

Driving Safety Tips for Halloween

On Halloween, the number of pedestrians walking around your neighborhood will increase as children go out trick-out-treating, and this will make it more dangerous to drive. To help keep you and those around you safer this Halloween, follow these driving safety tips for Halloween.


Drive slowly

Speed limits are posted to help keep everyone safe. On Halloween night, you should consider going one step further and reducing your speed to below the speed limit. By going slower, you will have more time to stop for pedestrians.


Keep distractions at bay

You should never drive distracted, but driving distracted on Halloween can be especially dangerous with children trick-or-treating. Children don’t always stop and look both ways before crossing the road, so you need to be paying attention in case a child darts into the street. Turn down your radio, ignore your cell phone and hold off on snacking. Make sure you’re completely stopped before you change the radio station or reach for something.


Remember your headlights

It’s important that you’re as visible as possible during trick-or-treating hours. As such, you should have your headlights on, even when it’s daylight so that children can see you and you can better watch the road.


We at Hanner Chevrolet hope you drive safely this Halloween. Bring your vehicle to our service department for repairs and maintenance to make sure it’s fit for the road.

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