Driving Safety Tips for Halloween

Driving Safety Tips for Halloween

Halloween will be here shortly and that means it’s time to trick-or-treat! However, if you’re out driving on Halloween, you’ll want to take extra precautions. Here are some driving safety tips for Halloween.

Slow Down

No matter where you are, slow down. Even if a posted speed limit sign reads “25 mph,” go 15 instead. This is especially important on suburban streets, where kids are going to be out and about trick-or-treating.

Turn Lights On

Kids can be out trick-or-treating in the black of night or the dim light of dusk. Either way, you should turn your car’s lights on. This will help you see kids who might be in dark costumes or might be hidden in the shadows.

Avoid Distractions

You should always avoid distractions in your everyday driving, but it’s especially important on Halloween. Don’t glance away to change the music station or even wirelessly use your phone. Even small distractions can make a big difference on Halloween.

Yield to Pedestrians

Even if there aren’t crosswalks or the walk signal isn’t in their favor, you should yield to pedestrians who are attempting to cross the street. Halloween can involve a lot of pedestrians on the road who aren’t usually pedestrians, and therefore they might not follow the rules. To be safe, simply let them cross!

We at Hanner Chevrolet near Abilene, TX wish everyone a safe, fun Halloween.

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