Finding the Right Father’s Day Automotive Gifts

Father’s Day

Father’s Day

Father’s Day is on June 17th this year, which means now is the perfect time to find a gift for Dad. While you could stick with the usual tie or coffee mug, there are tons of Father’s Day automotive gifts that are perfect for any dad who loves their car. Whether your father is a mechanical whiz or simply appreciates sports cars, there’s truly something for everyone.

According to AutoZone, there are a number of things you can get your dad, whether you want to add tools to his current collection or equip accessories to improve his ride. For those who like to work on cars, consider buying a new ratchet and socket set. You can also get a jack and jack stands to make repairs easier, and a roller seat will make it easier on Dad’s back when he’s working in the garage.

For fathers who are less mechanically inclined, consider buying them new speakers or even a radar detector. A trim makeover is great for those who want to improve the exterior appeal of their ride, and there are also custom floor mats, steering wheel covers, and hitch covers to improve the look of the cabin, too. If all else fails, a car wash kit is a useful item to give.

Whatever you give your dad, make sure he understands how much you appreciate the work he has done over the years. We at Hanner Chevrolet are thankful for all the hard-working fathers out there.

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