General Motors Looks to Universities for Self-Driving Chevrolet Bolt

Self-driving cars aren’t the simplest thing to build, but universities house the minds of some of the most brilliant engineers and programmers in the world. So, students from eight universities are taking on a new challenge over the next 3 years.

Their task is simple to understand, but difficult to achieve: create a self-driving Chevrolet Bolt in under 3 years. Partners and suppliers will work with the universities in an effort to develop technology required to navigate an urban driving course without any human intervention.

To help them reach their goal of self-driving technology, General Motors is providing Chevrolet Bolt EVs to each finalist, including Virginia Tech, Michigan State University, University of Waterloo, Michigan Tech, Texas A&M University, North Carolina A&T University, Kettering University, and University of Toronto.

The universities have 3 years to complete the task, which is broken into parts by year. The first year will involve creating a paper concept and learning more about autonomous software, like how sensors read the environment.

The second year challenges students to develop software that can handle multiple lane changes and detect objects.

The final year will result in the completion of the software and the urban road test.

The students won’t be alone, though. Chevrolet will also work on developing autonomous technology for a self-driving Chevrolet Bolt EV.

We here at Hanner Chevrolet are happy to see General Motors providing such a great opportunity (and vehicles) to universities!

Self-Driving Chevrolet Bolt

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