Hanner’s Fleet Inventory and Service

Fleet inventory and service

Work Is Fleeting

Hanner Chevrolet will meet all your needs – whether you’re looking for a personal car or a car for your business. Businesses love going to Hanner Chevrolet because not only is there a stock of commercial vehicles, but there’s also specialized service. At Hanner, you’ll find both fleet inventory and service.

Fleet and commercial vehicle are abundant at Hanner Chevrolet, so you should be able to find a vehicle that fits your professional needs. But it goes one step further. Since Hanner Chevrolet is a Business Elite dealer, they specialize in personal relationships with businesses to them find a vehicle for their needs. If you find a vehicle for your business that needs some tweaking, Hanner Chevrolet is happy to help.

If you ever need service on the road, you’ll have help right away, with access to roadside service whenever you need it. If you need a tow, Hanner Chevrolet is there to help, any time of the day. You’ll also get loaner vehicles if you need it and will have access to extended hours of operations for repair services.

Thinking about getting a new work vehicle? Hanner Chevrolet is here to help. Come down and find the perfect fit for you today.

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