How To Boost the Range of Your EV

Want to get the most out of your Chevrolet Bolt EV or Chevrolet Bolt EUV? Here are some tips to help you boost the range of your electric vehicle.

Mindful driving 

While your EV’s immediate torque may tempt you to drive with a lead foot, gentle acceleration will help you get the most out of your EV’s battery life. You’ll also enjoy more efficient performance if you stay below 60 mph and activate the Bolt’s Eco Mode.


Be careful with climate control

Heating and cooling can take a toll on your vehicle’s battery. To help make your drive more comfortable, try preheating or precooling the cabin while your EV is still on the charger.


Tire care

Much like a combustion-engine vehicle, improperly inflated tires will reduce your EV’s efficiency. On top of that, over- or under-inflated tires can lead to premature wear and tear on the tires themselves. Check your EV’s tire pressure weekly using a tire pressure gauge and adjust the pressure accordingly, as per the vehicle owner’s manual.


Lighten up

Excess weight can cut down on your vehicle’s efficiency. Boost your EV’s range by cleaning out the trunk — every 100 pounds of excess cargo will cut your car’s efficiency by 1-2 percent.

To get the most out of your EV, you’ll need to keep it healthy with regular maintenance. Bring your EV in for expert car care from the Hanner Chevrolet service center in Baird, Texas.


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