How to Travel with a Pet Safely

As the holiday season approaches, people all across the country will be packing up the family and driving to visit relatives. For many us, that family includes a pet. To be sure you know how to travel with a pet safely, Chevrolet has shared some great tips.

If you will be travelling with a dog:

  • Keep your dog restrained during the trip. Use a pet carrier, cargo barrier, or seat belt restraint. A loose dog can be a rowdy distraction while driving and if you should get in an accident, your dog could be seriously injured or killed if left unrestrained.
  • Bring chew toys and treats to help keep your dog calm. If your dog is especially anxious in the car, talk to your veterinarian before you travel.
  • Find pet-friendly establishments along your route so you don’t have to leave your dog in the car. OnStar advisors can help you locate great places to stop.

travel with a pet

If you will be travelling with a cat:

  • Keep your cat restrained while in the car by using a pet carrier or cargo barrier. This will not only help keep them safe, but will make them feel calmer, too.
  • Let your cat explore your car before the trip. Place a familiar bed, blanket, or towel inside the car to help your cat feel more at home.
  • Bring a portable litter box along with food and water dishes. Consider using a frozen bowl of water that your cat can lick for less of a mess.

If you’re looking for a new vehicle before your next family trip, consider the Chevrolet Equinox, which has enough room for the whole family, including your furry companions.

Do you have any additional tips to share when travelling with a pet?

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