Abilene Zoo

Meet the Blue Duiker Antelope at the Abilene Zoo

When most people think of an antelope, they think of bounding creatures traversing the grasslands of Africa. Well, as it turns out, not all antelope are large. The Abilene Zoo got a new resident as of July 7th. The Blue Duiker antelope is now on display for the public to “aww” at. Blue Duiker Antelope […]

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Things to Do in Abilene, Texas

Things to do in Abilene, Texas

Abilene may not be the capital of Texas, but it has a wide variety of attractions that are certain to appeal to visitors of all ages. From seeing some friendly animals to experiencing all the wonders Abilene has to offer, a visit here in never boring! Here’s a quick list of things to do in […]

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Abilene Zoo’s 50th Anniversary Celebration to Take Place in July

The Abilene Zoo’s 50th Anniversary is this year, and on July 9, the zoo will hold a celebration festival for the occasion that will feature all-day performances starting at 10am. Gather at the zoo pavilion across from the train station to watch live bands and dancers perform in honor of the zoo’s anniversary. The festival […]

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Abilene Zoo Events: Have Local, Family-Friendly Fun

One of our favorite places to visit in Abilene is the Abilene Zoo. With tons of exhibits and animals, this zoo is the perfect place to take family and friends this summer. Recent Abilene Zoo events celebrate the diversity of its wildlife, as well as welcome newcomer to the Abilene family. Recently, according to the […]

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