Take Your Truck To These Off-Roading Courses Near Abilene

Off-Roading Courses

Adventure Awaits!

Taking the road less traveled sparks an adventure in every thrill seeker that owns a Chevy Silverado from Hanner Chevrolet. When you have the right ground clearance and the larger tires for rough terrain, you are ready to unleash your playful side at these off-roading courses near Baird, Texas.

Chunky Money Off-Road Performance

This off-roading strip in Clyde is the go-to place for leaving the asphalt for rougher terrain. Besides providing an off-road course, this parts shop offers add-ons for trucks, SUVs, and other off-road vehicles. Chunk Monkey also features Armadillo spray in bed liners to protect the bed of your trucks.

Katemcy Rocks

While the Katemcy Rocks are slightly under two hours south of our dealership, its special off-roading experience is worth the lengthy trip. Its 800 acres of granite rock paths earned it the nickname, the “Moab of Texas.” Regardless of how advanced you are behind the wheel of your rig, you will find a challenging trail that you and your truck fancy.

If you are looking for the perfect truck to go mudding or tread the rocky soil, we have the truck for you. Test-drive our selection of GMC Sierras and Chevy Silverados at Hanner Chevrolet near Abilene, TX.

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