Tex-Mex Recipes to Make Yourself

Tex-Mex Recipes


Texas cuisine is some of the best in the nation. Mexican food is renowned for its flavor around the world. So combine the two together and you get the best food available anywhere: Tex-Mex.

Try some of these Tex-Mex recipes to make yourself and add a little flavor to dinner.

  1. Steak Fajitas: A sizzling dish full of flavor, fajitas turn up the heat when it comes to good eats. If steak isn’t your thing, try chicken or pork instead.
  2. Enchilada: Whether you prefer spicy or mild, enchiladas make for a might Tex-Mex meal that will always leave you satisfied.
  3. Refried Beans: When it comes to side dishes, refried beans are a Tex-Mex staple, especially when a thin layer of cheese is laid out on top.
  4. Nachos: You can find Nachos nearly anywhere these days. However, Tex-Mex Nachos really require quality cheese and peppers on top.
  5. Guacamole: Move over salsa! There’s a new dip in town, and this avocado-based recipe is sure to delight, while also contrasting with the spicy flavors Tex-Mex is known for.

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