Unlimited Data Plan For 4G LTE Wifi Hotspot Now Available Across Chevy Lineup

It wasn’t that long ago that no one complained about websites loading at a snail’s pace, because dial-up modems were all we had. Ever since then, internet speed has increased at a seemingly exponential rate.

At the same time, our data needs have increased right along with it, especially our in-vehicle data needs. According to research by GM, customers’ data needs have gone up 200% since last year.

With those statistics in mind, Chevrolet recently announced that they will offer an unlimited data plan for the 4G LTE Wifi Hotspot connections. Previously, the automaker had offered a number of plans with certain data limits. The new unlimited data plan will be available across the entire lineup of Chevy vehicles.

With the new unlimited data plan, just as before, users can connect up to seven devices to the hub at once. Between navigation and entertainment needs alone, the Wifi hotspot provides a great solution for connectivity, preventing drivers from using up all of their cell phone service in the car.

The announcement should help a lot of families avoid what could be called the data blame game. “Hey! Who used up all the data?” is one of those questions on par with “Are we there yet?” Future commuting behind the wheel of a Chevy vehicle just got a lot more peaceful.

unlimited data plan for 4g lte wifi hotspot

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