Valet Mode Helps You Keep Tabs on Your Corvette

At Hanner Chevrolet, we know better than most, the appeal of a Chevrolet Corvette. It is an inspired automobile that can tempt even the most cautious of drivers to break the speed limit. Well what happens when you have to turn over the keys to your “baby” to a valet driver you just met? Besides cringing over the thought…

Well in the 2015 Corvette, now you’ll know!

That’s right, Chevy has created a Valet Mode that among other exciting features, allows a Vette owner to record video of exactly what happened to the car while they weren’t behind the wheel. They’ll know how fast it was driven, the gear it was in, the RPMs and even the amount of Gs being exerted on it.

In addition to the video/audio monitoring, the Valet Mode on the 2015 Corvette will lock the interior storage. That means no need to worry about completely emptying your car out or panicking that you didn’t lock up valuables when you hand over the keys. Just put things in the glove box and turn on Valet Mode. It will also disable the infotainment system to stop anyone from blasting the music on their way to a parking spot.

Now this isn’t to say that all valets shouldn’t be trusted, but Chevy wants to make sure your 2015 Corvette is driven like you were in the passenger seat watching their every move and that is something we here at Hanner Chevrolet can definitely get behind.

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