Vehicle Safety Technology for the Future

Safety features are some of the most important qualities people look for when shopping for a vehicle.  Fortunately, technological advancements in robotics and communication have greatly improved these features on modern cars and trucks.  Things we would have dreamed of only years ago are quickly becoming a reality.  Here are some developments in vehicle safety technology to look forward to in the future!

There is currently technology under development to keep pedestrians safe and to help drivers avoid the unthinkable.  The cell phones of pedestrians would emit signals that your car could pick up.  The car’s computer could then locate the pedestrian and determine how fast they are walking.  Then, the car could either warn the driver or the car’s computer could automatically apply the brakes.

vehicle safety technology

What vehicle safety technology will Chevy unveil next?

Although automatic braking technology is out there now, it’s typically only made available in high-end luxury automobiles.  In the next few years, it should start trickling down to mass-market vehicles and eventually will become standard.

Then, there are future cars that will automatically read road conditions.  This can be most important in areas where black ice often forms.  As the name implies, drivers can’t detect it but onboard computers will soon be able to.

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